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Our mission at Anything Goes Athletics is to help our clients achieve their health and fitness goals by providing results-driven training programs.


  1. BE YOUR BEST. Exceed expectations.
  2. BE OPEN AND HONEST. Be transparent. No one is perfect.
  3. BE SUPPORTIVE. We is better than me.
  4. BE ON TIME. Or be early.
  5. BE PRODUCTIVE. Leave your baggage at the door.
  6. BE CONSISTENT. Show up even when you don’t feel like it.

It is our goal to make your time training at Anything Goes Athletics the highlight of your day. Whether your goal is to move better, feel better, perform better, or look better we will be there with you to guide you every step of the way.

We treat every client, regardless of age and fitness level, at Anything Goes Athletics as an athlete. Every time you step into our gym it’s an opportunity to unlock your body’s full potential. By addressing imbalances, asymmetries and weaknesses, we help you restore your body’s natural ability to move.

Anything Goes Athletics offers personal training, kettlebell training, group training classes, membership, and sports performance training. We also offer online nutrition groups and various seminars and workshops.


Performance Training in Meredith NH

If you are an athlete looking to excel at your sport, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll help you improve your performance with proper strength and conditioning training and we will also take the time to address your areas of weakness and instability, helping to reduce your risk of sports-related injuries.

We have experience working with athletes at all levels, starting as early as middle school, and including athletes represented in MLS, NFL, and MLB.

Contact us to schedule your complimentary evaluation with one of our strength coaches.


Our sports Performance Training Program is great for high school and collegiate athletes who want to get stronger, faster and stay healthier.




6:00a — Achieve

9:00a — Achieve
5:00p — Achieve/Open Gym                             (M/W/F-Open Gym)
6:00p — Achieve (M-Th)





9:00a — Open Gym
10:00a — Open Gym

*All classes are 55 minutes


Our youth athletic development program is designed to help young athletes get prepared to excel at their given sport.

  • Your child does not need to be involved in sports to enroll!
  • This program was carefully designed to help kids of all fitness levels and is fully scalable, meaning all kids, from athletes to those just looking for a fun and healthy activity will benefit from it.
  • We have created a supportive, safe, and fun training environment. They will also make new friends, and develop confidence as well as the ability to succeed in reaching their goals.
  • Class sessions are 55 mins and will cover proper warms-ups, agility work, power development, strength work, and core.
  • Conditioning rotates between linear speed work, lateral speed work, and general physical preparedness drills.

In short our program will help to prevent injury, increase total strength, explosive power, cardiovascular endurance, speed and agility!

All the things your child needs to succeed!


Training for Adults

Our ACHIEVE  training program is designed to help you get results, regardless of your individual goals. The unique structures of this training program allows you to take full advantage of everything Anything Goes Athletics has to offer.

Gym Memberships in Meredith NH

ACHIEVE Group Training Membership

Unlimited Group Classes and Open Gym Access

Are you getting the results you want from your current exercise program?

If not, our ACHIEVE group training program is the perfect way to shake things up and help you break through plateaus to get results. During every training session, our experienced trainers and coaches take you through a full-body workout designed to help you get stronger, burn a ton of calories and light your metabolism on fire.

In our ACHIEVE classes, we include a combination of strength training,  core training, and appropriate cardiovascular training to help you get in the best shape of your life. In ACHIEVE strength and conditioning classes you’ll build lean muscle by lifting weights and you’ll participate in interval cardio training, which has been shown to be the most effective type of cardiovascular training when it comes to losing fat.

Our ACHIEVE group training membership is great for clients who enjoy working out in a team environment but still want to have an experienced trainer on board every step of the way. Keep in mind that every exercise we do in our ACHIEVE classes can be progressed and regressed according to individual skill levels, training experience, injury history and current goals.

We offer a wide variety of classes and class times as part of our ACHIEVE group training program. Additionally, Achieve membership now have access to open gym times five days each week.

Check out the full class schedule and read our ACHIEVE class descriptions and please let us know if you have any questions at all.

Our ACHIEVE Adult Group Training Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited ACHIEVE Classes

  • Full gym access during adult open gym hours

  • Discounts on premium workshops, seminars, and nutrition programs

  • Add 1-4 weekly personal training sessions to your membership

Cardio Kickboxing Membership


get your Cardio going!

There is NO faster, more exciting way to get in shape and burn fat! 

Learn Self-Defense and Kickboxing skills in a super fast paced fitness based class.

This class will have you moving non-stop from one combination to another and will include skill building and core circuits.

Your Cardio Kickboxing membership allows you access to all Cardio Kickboxing Classes!

Discounts on premium workshops, seminars, and nutrition programs

  • Add 1-4 weekly personal training sessions to your membership

Please note: this membership does not include access to our ACHIEVE classes.

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